Transform Live

Transform - A Live Event for Changemakers

These client results have become normal, unsurprising and often somewhat expected in the growth and transformation industry:

  • Starting strong, then stagnation of results.
  • Little wins, but not the desired breakthrough.
  • Achieving a desired result, but unable to maintain.
  • Inconsistent manifestations... some things landing, and others not.
  • Clients losing interest after 30 or 90 days. 
  • Low completion rates of online programs and group trainings. 
  • Low client engagement after the first few weeks or months.

These are symptoms of an industry wide problem among difference makers, leaders, coaches and healers.  

It leaves us questioning... is something in our work or business OFF?  As a result we:

  • Overdeliver
  • Feel like a fraud
  • Freeze, and have difficulty moving ahead on key priorities.

Really... it doesn't sit well when our clients aren't creating the results WE KNOW they are capable of.  Yes, we see them making changes, and improving... but we KNOW there is so much more possible for them.  

We are told poor client results are because of low attention spans, lack of discipline, and ineffective will power.  

But... what if we told you this is NOT the problem?

It's because our industry has an incomplete understanding of Transformation.

There are 6 stages of transformation.  For a transformation to be complete, you need to cover all 6 stages in your coaching, training and group programs.  

Most programs only cover the first 3. 

  • That's like climbing half way up the hill with your skis, but never reaching the summit to enjoy the ride back down.  
  • That's like walking to the store, ordering an ice cream cone, paying, but not actually enjoying the treat.
  • That's like planning a vacation, booking the tickets, getting on the plane, but not actually getting off at your destination.

.... you get the idea.

It leaves your clients incomplete.  

Sure, maybe they have some little wins along the way.  Maybe some of them even have significant wins and breakthroughs.  BUT if you apply all 6 stages in a deliberate, significant and informed way... you will surprise yourself.  

The client success you already have?  You will BLOW that out of the water.  Your client results will increase exponentially.

  • Retention - clients will sign up to work with you over and over again.
  • Loyalty - clients will want to purchase every offer, program, and special you have.
  • Referrals - clients will share you with their friends, because they will be so proud of their results.
  • Recognition - your colleagues will recognize you as an industry leader, and will seek out collaboration with you.

We will teach you how to create these results for yourself.  We use a proprietary system developed by Joy.

And we will share all the details at our upcoming event!

Tickets are only $297.  

Early June, in Kelowna, BC, 3 day live event.  

Practical, hands-on seminar with lots of opportunity for discussion, support and real-life applications.

Bring your program ideas, and the breakthroughs you want to help your clients receive.  And we will walk through The Transformation Formula with you.  So you can deliver massive results, consistently, with your clients.

If you want your ticket before the event page goes live, please email us

And we will save your spot!

If you already have a program, great... learn ways to improve and increase your client results and revenue.

If you don't have a program created yet... just an idea of how you want to support your clients.

If you want to work with clients privately, discover how to use the The Transformation Formula to increase results and retention.