Kasia Rachfall

Designation : Transformational Coach

What I love most about the Practical Numerology training is that it’s integrated beautifully into my current work with my clients and my own personal development. Numerology is like an accurate map that helps us understand the patterns and cycles in our life, work and relationships and how we can navigate them more consciously. Knowing this system has given me added precision in helping my clients identify their challenges, obstacles and possibilities and gifts.

The information was presented simply and logically and built up in steps so it was easy to learn. I loved the different practice exercises because they helped me integrate the information and empowered me to trust myself with it. Practical Numerology has become a pivotal component of my work with clients and my own life.

Kasia Rachfall


Transformational Coach, Akashic Records Work, Touch For Health, Founder Thriving After 40