Jen Kohler, Divine Purpose Blueprint Reader

Jen Kohler is one of our Certified Universal Law Coaches and Divine Purpose Blueprint Reader. Here is more about Jen >>

Jen Kohler is a Massage Therapist of 14 years and a Reiki Master/Teacher, practicing for 11 years! Jen loves helping her clients (and anyone else who will listen) get to know themselves with the amazing numerology tool, Divine Purpose Blueprints.

She helps coaches, healers and leaders on the rise integrate, create energetic boundaries, and activate their innate power by listening to the deep knowledge of their bodies through energy work (Reiki + Shamanic work), bodywork, coaching, tarot, numerology, and universal laws.

She leads with her intuition and is a master energy healer in love with facilitating change in the frequency of the planet. Jen is very tuned in to the energy around her and can help you with your energetic boundaries too. She loves to use numerology, tarot and her pendulum for all major life decisions.

Designation : Body Insight Coach
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