Melissa Jeanne, Divine Purpose Blueprint Reader

Melissa Jeanne is one of our Certified Universal Law Coaches and Divine Purpose Readers. Here is what she has to share about herself >>

I am a gifted intuitive, entrepreneur and Mom who is passionate about helping others through coaching.  My straight forward and compassionate style makes me unforgettable.  I have the ability to cut to the chase accurately and quickly.

My gift was noticed at a young age by my parents and was essential in helping me gain the clarity and bravery it took to leave my corporate career after over a decade in pursuit of a life of authenticity and service as an intuitive coach.  I took the leap of faith to follow my path and have a profound understanding of the dedication and belief in self that it takes to make significant, meaningful changes in your life.

When I am not working, I love spending time outside with my husband, son and our two dogs. We love to connect to nature through hiking and camping every chance we get.

I believe that we are alive during a very exciting time of positive change in the world and I am passionate about helping people discover the best in themselves and seeing their path to true success.  I work with the intention to make positive changes in the lives of my clients so that they can go out and make a huge, positive impact on the world!

Designation : Intuitive Guide
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