Pamela Lynch, Divine Purpose Blueprint Reader

Pamela Lynch is one of our Certified Universal Law Coaches and Divine Purpose Blueprint Readers. Here is a bit more about Pamela >>

The creator of Alesia Publishing, Pamela Lynch focuses exclusively on transformational books and works with coaches, change-makers, intuitive leaders and courageous story creators. She’s a Spiritual Librarian and guardian for Sacred Texts to document the Shift. Pamela blends 31 years in traditional book publishing, intuitive coaching, and ancient wisdom to help people birth their book. The journey begins in the Divine Wisdom Writing Workshop or at a Retreat to guide them to craft their story.

Authors who work with Pamela Lynch get results.  She uses unique processes that include meditation, tapping and numerology.  Pamela walks authors through the publishing process from concept to celebration. The ultimate goal is for wisdom to flow from the author to the reader.

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