Practical Numerology

Learn Numerology in 6 weeks - and get the
Inside Scoop on your Clients!

Next Course March 24, 2020!

Do you love knowing more about yourself and those around you? 

We love that too! 

We are obsessed with diving deeply into ancient wisdom, learning all we can, then finding practical uses for our business.

That really lights us up! 

Having an edge in business and life - an edge that makes challenges easier to navigate and success easier to spot - has been the key to our success.

We have been studying this system of numerology for a combined 25+ years. We are committed to mastery AND making it accessible.

When you understand Numerology, it is a like having a secret decoder, a manual, a skeleton key to a rich depth of understanding of those around you.  You can very quickly see through to heart of someone - their gifts, their challenges - their superpowers and their sabotages.  

We are devoted to sharing this with leaders and teachers who are eager help others using Numerology as a guide and tool. 

We teach numerology in a unique, practical way. That is why we call if Practical Numerology. Our goal is to help you understand the system of numerology and how to apply it to everyday issues.

This isn't about memorizing. And this is NOT a cookie cutter approach.  You will learn to tap into your own intuition so you can trust yourself with your clients. 

Getting started can feel daunting, so we have made it really easy for you with our Numerology Database, filled with definitions that you can use to build reports for your own clients.  You have our permission to use our custom created reports to begin sharing this information with clients right away and making a return on your investment!

Sometimes we take programs and wonder if we really know what we are doing. That little voice of insecurity sneaks in, especially in only 6 weeks. We considered this carefully when we designed this program. We will be there for you, ready to answer your questions and give you feedback along the way. At the end, we will review your coursework to ensure that you are reading the numbers accurately. Upon completion we will send you a certificate of completion, indicating your mastery of this level 1 course. What you do with this material from there is limitless and you can feel confident applying this knowledge to your current work or start a whole new business!  

We are, truly, excited to support you as you uncover what's possible and what lights you up!

Why Take This Training?  You Will:




  • Amaze your client with your accuracy and insight.
  • Improve client conversion and retention, as the outcomes of your work increase.
  • Create a new revenue stream in providing Blueprints. 
  • Have clients coming back regular updates.
  • Connect clients to their unique prosperity cycle.
  • Have an incredibly loyal client base with high referrals.   
  • Make back your training investment in as little as 3 clients. 
  • Identify brand, niche and ideal client quickly and effectively. 



Program includes group training, coaching, numerology database and worksheets. 

You will have 1 group call each week - for 6 weeks:

Calls are 90 Minutes and broken down as follows >>

The first 60 minutes is a training call, guiding you to learn numerology with ease. The last 30 minutes is for Q & A and strategy development, to apply numerology to your life and business right away!

During and after the calls you will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, and brainstorm with us and the group. 

Client Charts and Forms - Instant Insight and
Awareness of Growth Potential

See your Client's CODE

Feel confident in you ability to map out your client's personality patterns, their potential blessing and obstacles, and forecast future events!

We will give you all of the tools you need to get started.

The more you practice, the more your will activate your Intuition, to truly connect with the potential of those around you.  

Create Client Reports in Minutes!

You will receive a database of numerology definitions that you can use to create client reports. Cut & paste and then add your own flare!


Start a new career as a numerologist or enhance your coaching, teaching or healing practice with a foundational understanding of numerology.

Next Course March 24, 2020!

Only $749 or 3 payments of $269 usd

Attend calls live Tuesdays, 3-4:30 PM PST or catch the replay!  There will also be group support, Q&A and practice opportunities in our private forum.    


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