April Forecast

April is for moving forward, and landing into the newness you have created.  April is going to come roaring in with a strength, confidence and momentum that may feel surprising.  So many people have been doing deep inner work, and April will create opportunities to take action and show up in the new reality you worked so hard to create.  By the end of April, you will feel yourself in a new version of what’s possible for you.


This is not a time to be indecisive.  When you feel drawn or pulled, take action with swiftness.  Listen to your intuitive nudges and your instincts… they are guiding you to step into the new experiences you have been intending. 

Spring cleaning is bound to be top of mind for all of us.  April energy wants to release attachments so you can move forward unencumbered, with ease and lightness. 

Insecurities Coming to the Surface

Notice where you have proving or defensive energy.  This is where you have doubts and insecurities.  Be ok with looking at them, accepting them for what they are.  Being aware of our limits doesn’t make them permanent.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  If we are willing to face what is holding us back, face the excuses that keep us small or stuck, we will have the opportunity to transmute them.  Allow them to evolve into something that will be supportive of the life we are creating. 

Learning and Insights

There will be lots of opportunity for learning.  Be open and curious, and see what comes your way.

Mentorship will be important.  Who do you look to as an example, as a leader, someone who you see as a role model?  Be open and wiling to learn from others who you see modeling the life you want.  We are meant to create a beautiful network and community where we can come together and support each other as we thrive, individually and collectively.  This is only possible through connection and community. 

Prioritize Action

April is a time for action.  For leaning into opportunities and claiming them for yourself.  Open yourself up to risks that feel exciting.  As you develop your sense of trust in yourself and the universe around you, risks don’t feel so scary when they are right for you.  In fact, they become clear investments into your energy and your future.  Steps that feel like an investment into your future will be favoured… this is not a time to sit back and rest on your laurels!

Journal Prompts

To deliberate creat the experience you want, it is important to direct your focus into an area that will serve you.  Sign up here to receive journalling prompts to support you this month.  

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    We would love to hear from you!!  What will you be doing in April to lean into trust and prioritize aligned action?