March is welcoming in harmony in relationships, finances, work and physical surroundings. 

After the state of upheaval most people have experienced, March wants to smooth things out, soften the rough edges, create a comforting vibe.  March wants to reassure us that we are exactly where we need to be.  This is going to be a very welcome energy, many people will feel a sense of relief, a sense of ease, and like this month is a little more “smooth sailing.”

This is a time where our intentions matter.  The law of Cause and Effect will be in full force, so we will be living by the expression “What you sow, so shall you reap.” 

Bumpy alignment will create mixed results.  If you are sometimes in alignment with your intentions, and sometimes not – your results will reflect that.  It is important to know this is feedback – this is simply showing you the results of your thoughts and behaviours.  Now you can see… and you can choose again if you want to. 

To consciously and deliberately create in this energy, step back and ask yourself a few questions:



Financial and Material Wellbeing  

We will receive evidence, results, and confirmation of our success.  They will be like breadcrumbs, leading us towards our goals. 

This is a time when we will receive finances flowing to us as a result of past work and energy that we have been devoted to over the past few months. 

When you see finances and material wellbeing coming your way, accept with open loving arms, full gratitude and appreciation.  And know that this is the start of what will continue to grow and expand in the coming months, particularly in May. 


Physical Surroundings

Any thing that feels like an itchy sweater must be dealt with.  You will operate best in a harmonized, creative space that reflects you and your values.  Anything that doesn’t fit will irritate you.  So be proactive, and reset your physical surroundings to be as pleasurable as possible! 


Creative Energy

Your creative energy is at an all time high!!  Use this to your advantage.  Have some articles you want to write?  Maybe even a book?  Are you developing content for your clients?  Or direct this energy to personal pursuits.  Paint, dance, bake, craft, redecorate, garden, update your wardrobe or personal style.  Use this expressive energy, allow it to flow through your body.  It will guide you to deeper alignment and flow. 


Mindsets and Beliefs

For those of you who have been diligently working to evolve and update your mindsets and beliefs, this is the time you have been waiting for.  Sometimes when we do this sort of inner work, it can feel like we are doing so much work, and nothing is shifting.  Well… the shift you have been waiting for is here.  It may be imperceptible almost, if you aren’t paying close attention.  But you have reached a tipping point, where your dominant thought patterns have evolved to be more supportive of where you are going.  As your brain is meant to support your in achieving your goals, this is a huge win!


Career and Business

Welcome visibility!  Allow yourself to be seen in your work, be seen in your views, be seen in how you can help people.  When people see what you have to offer, they will self-select.  They will know if they need you, and will naturally gravitate towards you.  Welcome visibility where you are sharing your heart, what matters most to you, and how you serve and uplift.  If you do that, you will see evidence of the small victories coming your way. 


Challenges this Month

Be aware of the tendency to cling to security and certainty and stability around decisions.  Don’t make a choice from “less than” because you think it will create stability.  Choices made from lack energy (lacking funds, support, ideas, clients, etc) will not create stability, that is an illusion.  With the law of Cause and Effect in full force, choices made in this energy will circle back around for you to choose again. 

Harmony is a priority, and you will be aware of how to balance relationships with your needs and desires.  You will desire harmony, but it is not a true harmony if you find yourself biting your tongue and holding back in true expression. Remember, peace that is at the expense of your own needs isn’t true peace. 


Journaling Prompts

To deliberate choose and create the vision you want, it is important to direct your focus into an area that will serve you.  Sign up here to receive journalling prompts to support you this month.  

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    We would love to hear from you!!  What will you be doing in March to activate and amplify HARMONY for yourself?