Competition stems from a place of lack.

There is not enough work, clients, business or money to go around.  If one person wins, then another person loses.

If you believe that people succeed at the expense of others, then the competition dynamic will be your reality.  It will be true for you that a win for you means a loss for someone else.  This dynamic requires us to keep our strategy to ourselves, to not support others, and to focus on our own wins, at the expense of those around us.

This creates a dynamic lacking in compassion and connection.  It enhances isolation.

There is another way.

You can choose a new paradigm.  This new paradigm is based on abundance, connection and support.  In this conscious business model, each one of us will benefit from supporting and uplifting each other.  And as the opportunities grow for us, they grow for those around us.

We can see this is true for some of us, but not everyone.  And it is more true in certain industries than in others.  This is because it requires us to adopt a set of principles and beliefs, and uphold them every day.

  1. I operate from a clear set of intentions, where I focus on the highest good for myself and those around me.
  2. I have an open heart, and I allow myself to connect at the mental, emotional and intuitive level with those around me. I actively engage and genuinely connect with others, and share my ideas as well.
  3. I have a deep sense of trust. I believe that we are all being guided towards what is best, even if I don’t understand it at the time.  This allows me to release my grip of control, and stop trying to manage outcomes.
  4. I focus on my zone of genius, my unique code, and my path. The more we stay true to ourselves, what is right for us, and play to our strengths, the more we get to collaborate.  Through collaboration, everyone gets to contribute their very best, and everyone gets to receive a benefit from their contribution.  The project, all the individuals, and the outcome is improved.

For example, consider the medical profession.  If everyone was a general practitioner, everyone could help anyone.  The quality of care would decline, patient experience would worsen, and health outcomes would drop.

However, when medical experts specialize, a new possibility is created.  Each practitioner excels in their zone of genius.  And because of this, they can share information, work together, and support each other in the common goal of patient health.  Health outcomes and patient experiences are dramatically improved.  Of course this requires open hearted connection and communication, and a common intention:  operating in the highest good of all involved.

If you choose to believe there is an ever-growing abundance of opportunities, this will be true for you.

If you choose to believe that through collaboration and connection, we can improve everyone’s experiences, outcomes and wellbeing, this will be true for you.

However, you have an active role and responsibility.

First, you need to clearly accept the principles of connection, collaboration, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Second, be willing to drop generalizing and mediocrity.  Be unwilling to settle for mundane.

Third, commit to your own inner excellence.  Step into your zone of genius and become masterfully devoted to your unique gifts.  You have a unique code, a beautiful complex design that allows you to be excel at your strengths.

Get clear on your code, and live it.