Do you ever get the feeling that EVERYONE is doing the same thing?

That there are so many others doing what you WISH you were doing?

And how does this thought make you feel?

I hear this from so many… and they feel defeated.  They feel behind, less than, smaller.  Often before they have even truly given it a shot.

Brene Brown talks about “foreboding joy”.  Where we play tricks in our brain, just when things are getting good, to save ourselves from potential pain or disappointment.  We land a new client or project that we have been working towards… then we immediately bring to mind debt and bills we need to pay.

In doing this, we take away from the pleasure and joy.  We minimize our happiness by tempering it with worry and fear.  The worst thing is?  We often temper it with imagined worries and fears!!

We reduce our pleasure at something that isn’t even real.

We all have something… a dream, a goal, a vision, a desire… something we truly want deep in our hearts.  A vision for the life we want to live.  A vision for the world we want to experience.

When we let the defeating thoughts creep in, thinking others are already doing it.  Thinking we are not as experienced, qualified or likeable as others we admire.

We are foreboding our dreams.

We are tempering our results with worries and fears that are not even real. The outcome?  We give up, stop trying, or settle for a smaller version of our vision.  Just to save ourselves the discomfort of imagined fears.

The truth is the vision you have matters.  It is so important that you lean into it, focus on it, expand it.  Because it takes a strong group of individuals driven by their vision to shift the world.  And if you have a vision for a better life, YOU are one of those individuals.

We want to support you.  We want you to have your vision.  So what’s next?

First, dream it.  Imagine it.  Enjoy it.  Savour it.  Luxuriate in the idea of it.

Second, get clear on your natural strengths, talents and gifts that will support you in your vision.

Discover why YOU are the perfect person to create this vision.

Why your patterns and life experiences have been guiding you towards this exact point your whole life.

You are perfectly equipped, you are exactly who we have all been waiting for.

Receive your Divine Purpose Blueprint from one of our certified coaches.  Or join Practical Numerology and learn for yourself.  This will help you clearly see you gifts, strengths, and patterns of support.  Why you are exactly who is needed to bring this vision to life.  Because we need you to be full on, unapologetically, potent, full impact YOU!

Third, take one step.  Pick one small, exciting, enjoyable action step… and do one thing today.

We want to hear from you!  What is one of your gifts, strengths, unique traits that make you the perfect person to bring your vision to reality?