Why do we Forecast?

Sometimes people ask – why do we forecast?  How does it serve us?

Forecasting allows us to consciously respond and deliberately create our reality.  It allows us to be in a state of expansive possibilities, and open to allowing the Universal Energy to support us in our goals.

It’s like knowing the weather forecast. 

Sure, you can just randomly get dressed and go outside, and hope that what you chose for the day will be appropriate. 

Or you can check the weather, and be deliberate about your choices.  Consciously choose how you will spend the day. 

If you know there strong probability of sunshine and warm weather, you may plan a beach day.  If it is going to be cold and windy, you will wear a coat and mitts.  If it is going to rain tomorrow, you will plant your garden today so the seedlings can enjoy the shower. 

Energetic patterns are the same.  If it is a time for releasing attachments to old belief systems, and you experience a challenging dialogue with an old friend, you can respond differently.  You have the ability to be mindful and present and say to yourself “Maybe this situation is asking me to let go of past expectations I have with this friend.”  And rather than be upset or hurt, you can choose deliberately to support and evolution the growth of your relationship.

It’s as simple as that.  Knowing the patterns as they arise allows you to consciously create and deliberately choose the life you want to live, and the experiences you receive.