Do you ever see repeating numbers and patterns? 

Sometimes we see 11:11 all the time.  Or 222 on license plates, street addresses, and receipts.  Yes, the Universe is trying to tell you something.  These number patterns are it’s way of trying to catch your attention!

We can also ask for signs.  We can say “Universe, show me I am on track with this decision I am making.  Give me a big, obvious, non-negotiable sign so I will know I am doing the right thing.”  And sometimes, often, something will land for us.  And we receive that confirmation and we know we are supported and in alignment. 

The Universe is always giving us signs.  Little nudges.  Trying to bring our awareness and mindfulness to our day.

And many people are missing half the equation.  The Universe INTENSELY desires two-way communication! 

Any good relationship needs communication.  Where both parties share their desires, motivations, wants and needs.  Our relationship with the Universe is no different. 

We need to be clear on what we want.  We are born with potential coded into our being.  All of us have the potential for greatness on our terms.  We all absolutely can do something amazing with our lives, and create the beautiful experiences we desire. 

We cannot achieve our potential in passivity.  It will not land in our lap through synchronicity.  It will not be delivered on a silver platter. 

We must actively express our desires.  We must be clear in what we want, and take consistent, slight edge action daily towards our dreams, our visions.  The things we truly want in life. 

This is how the Universe hears us.  Through our intentions and actions.  This is how we communicate our desires and wants.

If you want up every day and declare your goal, and take one action, even something small, every day.  The Universe hears this, as if you are shouting from the mountain tops.

And the Universe responds “Oh you want that?  I hear you babe! And I got you!  Let’s rearrange this game, let’s open doors, let’s put the right people in the right places.  Let’s pave the way.  We are a team, and I will usher you towards your desires.  I see them so clearly for you, and just the thought of you in your greatness makes me giddy with excitement.  Let’s do this, together!”