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Unleash your Super Power! Your Divine Purpose Blueprint will help you remember WHO you are, WHY you are here, and HOW to align with your highest possible experience in life!

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Share the gift of Numerology with your family, friends and clients. PLUS, add an incredible revenue stream to your business and increase your client impact, results and retention.

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Use numerology to accelerate your personal and professional growth, your conscious awakening, your spiritual development and your ability to anticipate the cycles of life for you and for your clients.

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Divine Numerology

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Divine Numerology

What Makes Divine Numerology So Amazing


Divine Numerology is based on multiple historic systems of numerology carried as an oral tradition for more than 2000 years. While the mathematical calculations are timeless and based on much of the work of Pythagoreas, the interpretations and usage of the numbers have been expanded to fit the highest consciousness of our time. This material is the result of channeled conversations Joy Kingsborough has had during meditative sessions with a stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah.


Divine Numerology offers a purity of information that returns us to an understanding of the Universal Laws that are guiding us all. Our interpretations create an opportunity for free will to amply any experience we have to our highest possible outcome. The predictive components create potential for us to align with the outcomes we desire, set ourselves up for the success of our dreams, and actualize our vision into reality. We are able to receive the resources and support needed as true universal co-creators.

High Vibe

Your numbers are never good or bad, they are simply frequencies of possibility. When aligned with Universal Awareness, we can accelerate our experience with fear or love. Collaborate with the people, resources and opportunities in front of you. Or not. It is always your choice. Divine Numerology gives you the key to what you truly want. Discover the essence of the numbers and you are directed to the highest potential. You naturally align yourself with your highest possible frequency. As you practice this, your vibrational setpoint will consistently rise.


Anyone can learn this system of Numerology. You can apply this wisdom into your life and business right away. When you receive your Divine Purpose Blueprint, it is like a manual to your life. It will give you very clear starting points, and places to focus. As you do, you will welcome in ease, opportunities, and the actualization of your goals and dreams. You will know your purpose, clearly laid out in front of you. You will receive practical, focused guidance and tools that you can use right away.

Divine Numerology

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Divine Numerology

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